Effective Bank Structure: Protect Your Money From YOU!

with Sherri Dumbrell, Certified Spending Planner
"If you save what's left after spending there is generally not much left to save"

It's never been so easy to spend, with Uber, Amazon, ASOS and Menulog only a click away! It's important to have solid financial foundations so we don't want to have to rely only on self-control!

Join us for this session the Cashflow and Spending Wizz - Sherri Dumbrell who is a Certified Spending Planner who is going to share with us best practise of how to set up our bank accounts and also look at:

  • Why become a happier spender
  • How to protect your money from YOU
  • LIFE + Style expenses
  • The Six Expense Types
  • Effective Bank Account Structure
  • Money and Time
  • Why budgeting is broken
  • A Spending Plan is the Answer
  • How to see your perfect spending year
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