The Cost & Process Of IVF In Australia

with Professor Bill Ledger, Australia's leading fertility doctor
Thinking of going through IVF but unsure of the process or price? We will walk you through the process of freezing your eggs.

If you’re a woman thinking about your fertility options in the future, it can be a big topic loaded with emotion. It might be for a number of reasons - you just haven't met the right person and want to increase your chances, are struggling to fall pregnant naturally or have a medical procedure that means you need your eggs preserved.

That's why LFC is teaming up with City Fertility to discuss the options and answer the questions you have about getting your eggs put on ice.

We'll break down the process step by step with Australia's leading fertility doctor Professor Bill Ledger, so you know exactly what's involved.

We know IVF has a reputation for being an expensive process but this isn't necessarily the case. So we will be discussing the cost involved, payment options, medicare rebates and private health insurance so you can get a really good understanding over an overall final figure!

We will be covering:

  • The IVF Story - we’ve come so far
  • Infertility – when and how to get help (including options for those not infertile, egg freezing, preservation and LGBTQ+ options)
  • Investigations and how we use them: AMH, ultrasound and other tests for women and men.
  • The journey: IVF and other options – timing/ IUI/ ICSI, surgery etc.
  • How IVF works – medications, egg collection, the embryology lab, embryo transfer, cryopreservation
  • Self-care and your support crew – coping with the challenges, managing relationships, dealing with disappointments and who can help.
  • Pricing - treatment costs, payment options, Medicare rebates and private health insurance.
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