Salary SOS

with Meggie Palmer, Founder of PepTalkHer
Does the idea of negotiating for money make you cringe? Learn the basics of salary negotiation (without the boring bits) with LFC!

Do you feel lost on where to start when preparing for a negotiation conversation or worried you might be asking for too much or not enough?

If you answer yes to one of these questions, then this workshop is for you!

Now when it comes to everyday negotiating things like who’s making dinner or which restaurant are we going to – we are all pretty natural wizz negotiators but when it comes to negotiating our salary – it's a different story!

Whether you receive a job offer, or are in a final round interview or think it's time for a pay rise in your current role, you're going to be asked the question..."What is your salary expectation” or something along those lines.

Now it’s crucial we are negotiating our salary/ day rates/ projects and not taking the first offer on the table. Research has shown that men are four times more likely than women to ask for a raise! I mean is there anything more disheartening than knowing you're not being paid your worth or that people are doing the exact same job for more money ekkk!

In this session, we are calling in the expert Aussie entrepreneur based in NYC Maggie Palmer, Founder of PepTalkHer who is going to talk us through the steps for negotiating our salary like a boss we know we are and how to avoid those big mistakes!

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