7 Ways To Get Your Money Sh*t Together

with Molly Benjamin, LFC Founder
Where do you even start when getting your sh*t together with money? You start HERE! With our 7 simple money moves that anyone can do!

So career-wise, things are pretty good… you’ve got some fab stuff in your wardrobe and you’re all about socialising and travel (cough) domestic travel.... But somewhere inside that little voice is starting to speak up about taking more control of your cash...

We all know money stuff is important but it's just so easy to put off (am I right?)!

Where do you even start when you're getting your sh*t together with money?

(drum roll)

You start with us!

We are all about breaking the world of finance down into easy bite-sized FUN chunks! We love keeping you accountable (so you do what you say) - plus we are obsessed with helping you take control of your money, so it stops controlling you! Cause that is stressful and not fun...and we ain't got no time for that!

We work with the best financial experts in Australia (and around the world) to bring you practical educational content about helping you take your finance game to the next level.

We have put together a simple 7 step process to take you from 'clueless' to 'I got this'!

So whether you're wanting to get started investing, build your emergency fund, get on the property ladder or simply want to stress less about money then this session is going to help you!

These steps are the same steps that helped Janine, 54 years old get out of debt and build an emergency fund for the first time, which meant she could use that money later in the year to help her daughter with her medical expenses after being diagnosed with cancer. They are also the same steps that have helped many of our LFC ladies feel in control for the first time and has given them the confidence they needed to kick start their investing journey!

In this session, our founder Molly Benjamin (and an LFC Ambassadors or two) will take you through these simple steps!

So, if you are:

  • Wondering where all your money goes every month
  • Feeling like you never have anything to show for all your hard work
  • Struggling to pay off your credit card debt
  • Hoping to buy a house… one day
  • Want to grow your wealth
  • Curious about investing in property or shares
  • Picturing a laid-back retirement on a beach somewhere
  • Just plain keen to save some dosh
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