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Property Investing 101


Julie Crockett

About this Event

The thought of buying a property seems daunting to most people but when you have a plan and you stick with it, you are one step closer to realising your dream. Property investing is like anything else and preparation is definitely the key to getting a great outcome.

There are some “absolutes” when it comes to investing and for those who haven’t started to invest yet, Property Investing Expert and Educator Julie Crockett from API Solutions is running a free session for Ladies Finance Club ladies where she will cover:

What is property investing and how does it work?

What are the first steps to investing?

Can I invest in property with no money? If not, how much do I need to start?

Is property investing worth it?

I've heard of re-investing. What is it and how does it work?

Where is the best place to buy an investment property?

If I need more information, where do I find it?

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How to Prevent Burnout and Increase Productivity


Kellee Thomson

The Wellbeing VIbe
10 August 2020 | 8pm

This webinar will give you practical tools to recognize the signs and symptoms of burnout.

About this event

For some of us COVID has meant a lifestyle slow down and a time to reflect for others it has meant more work, more busy-ness with the additional stress of less money, juggling work, kids and doing it all from home. As Victoria goes back into lock down and other states start thinking about it, we wanted to create a practical session to give you tips and ways to avoid burnout in 2020.

Our coach will be the incredible Kellee Thomson. Kellee has experienced first hand exhaustion, burn out, adrenal fatigue and auto immune disorders from a very busy life.

Kellee will share how she learned to heal her body and increased her productivity without falling back into the trap of the burn out through calm living techniques, and firm boundaries.

Kellee has helped hundreds of women across the globe heal their body and step into greater empowerment of self and feel truly aligned with their life purpose. Whether you are a mum, entrepreneur, a corporate or younger women about to enter the working world, this session will help give you practical steps into your purpose and release the old burn out habits, or prevent you from burning out down the track.

Bring your note pad and an open heart to receive, Kellee’s desire is to raise the vibration & consciousness of women across the globe and enable you to release limitations that are holding you back.

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Investing 101 - FREE webinar series - PART 1-3

Rachel White

Rachel White

Vanguard Australia
01 July 2020 | 8pm

About this event

Have you always wanted to learn how to invest but never knew where to start? Or maybe you were scared about losing all your money? Confused by the jargon? … Or thought the stock market wasn’t for you?

Then join us, over the next three weeks we are going to be breaking down those myths and turning you into investing buffs!

With guidance from our investing expert (guru) Rachel White from Vanguard – click on the link to find out more!

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Property Development 101


Kavitha V

 Full-time Property Investor

Thinking about renovating, love watching The Block, or simply want to learn about property development? Then sign up for this free webinar!

About this Event

Love a bit of The Block, get excited watching Grand Designs and other renovating shows? Then you are going to love this!

The gorgeous Kavitha V who is a top property developer, business woman, entrepreneur and best selling author will share her insights

She will help you look at:

The basics of property development

How to select a site to renovate or develop

Some costs you need to consider

Explain how you can get into property with little to no money in the deal

Speak about if 'she' were YOU during COVID-19, what 'she' would do in this environment, as a property investor...plus more!

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Business Finance 101 for Freelancers and Business Owners - Boss Lady Style


Katie Bryan

Chartered Accountant &
Director of Propeller Advisory

About this event

If you’re a freelancer, business owner or thinking about starting then join us for this FREE webinar!

Some of the world’s most valuable companies today were founded during the last global financial crisis, including Uber, Airbnb, Pinterest, WhatApp and a bunch more.

So if you freelance or are thinking about starting a business then join us for this Business 101 as Katie breaks down what we really need to be aware of when starting out. We will cover:

How to choose the best business structure

  • types of structure (ST, Partnership, Company, etc)
  • benefits and disadvantages of each
  • How to register a business

What sort of Tax and GST do you need to pay?

  • what is it
  • do we need to charge it
  • key dates

What are the key numbers you need to know

  • Profit and loss
  • Balance sheet
  • What are your key numbers

What are the key numbers you need to know

  • Profit and loss
  • Balance sheet
  • What are your key numbers

What are the key numbers you need to know

  • Profit and loss
  • Balance sheet
  • What are your key numbers

How to manage your accounts

  • How to set up your bank accounts for success.

Grants/ funding COVID19

  • What is available for female business owners.

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How to get on the property ladder


Kathy Euers

Managing Director of INK Wealth

About this event

It’s an Aussie dream to buy your own home, but where do you even start and how much will you need?

We have one of Australia’s top senior mortgage specialists, Kathy Euers, Managing Director of INK Wealth who is going to break it down for us. So if you are brand new or maybe thinking that you would like to buy property then you won’t want to miss this free 45min webinar.

As always the content is purely educational.

We will cover the whole journey from researching through to signing the contract. Kathy will also share all her tips and tricks including:

Understanding who is involved

How to research the area you are buying into

How to calculate how much you can afford to spend and repay

How to obtain pre-approval for how much you can borrow

How to make an offer

How to review contract of sale (with solicitor/conveyancer and apply for formal loan approval

Why you need to organise building insurance

How to arrange pest and building inspections

What happens when you exchange contracts

How do you decide whether you want a ‘cooling off’ period

When does the settlement takes place

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Questions to Ask Before Getting Married


Tessa Kelman

Senior Associate at Lander and Rogers

About this event

We get it, in the early stages of romance when things are getting hot and heavy raising the subject of money can be a real buzz kill. And when is the right time to even have the money conversation? Okay maybe the first Bumble date is too early but you also don’t want to be walking down the aisle and find out your love is up to their eye balls in debt.

We here at LFC we don’t want you to catch any STDs (sexually transmitted DEBTS). So we have put together a free webinar with family lawyer and expert Tessa Kelman from Lander & Rogers, to tell us about ‘what we really need to know’ so we can confidently turn to our partner and say, “Honey, it’s time to talk about the money.”

…Plus we think there’s nothing sexier than a woman who is financially independent (hot damn).

Topics will include:

What does a de facto relationship really mean?

How should you structure your finances to put yourself in the best position if you were to separate in future?

If Marriage is on the cards, how does this impact your finances and what discussions should you have with your partner?

Prenups and postnups, what are they and should you enter one, and is it too late if you're already married

How do you start the conversation about money and what questions should you ask?

What do you do if you both approach money with different values?

If you think your marriage/relationship is falling apart, what do you do and where do you start?

How do you protect property you already own before you get married

If one you or your partner is from a different country and separated, can you go home without your partner's consent?

Molly Benjamin was not very good with money. Although she had been working in the financial sectors for national and international companies for most of her career such as Barclays, the Financial Conduct Authority and the Bank of Queensland as a communications and events specialist. In fact, over a glass of prosecco with her gal pals she realised they were all a bit #clueless when it came to their personal finances. As an experiment, Molly put on an info-night in her living room. No big deal, just a few girls, some champagne and a money expert with real-world insights.

Things really took off from there and She’s on the Money UK was born in London in 2018. Since then She’s on the Money UK has had over 5000 women attend an event, webinar or workshop and has partnered with the likes of Financial Times, Fidelity and Rathbones Brothers.

They have run corporate workshops with global banks, law firms, fashion houses and technology startups. In 2019, Molly launched Ladies Finance Club in Australia with the same mission to build a tribe of money savvy women. She’s passionate about empowering women to take control of their own finances so they have the freedom to live rich, exciting lives on their own terms.

Follow her on Instagram here: @MsMollyBenjamin