What does it mean to be an LFC Ambassador ?

Not only are these ladies and gents quick witted, cool and calm they are the absolute experts at what they do and share the same mission as LFC to help Aussies take control of their financial futures.

Now it’s no secret that the Financial Service sector is one of Australia’s most distrusted sectors. The Royal Commission, ridiculous fees and poor service have made sure of this… that’s why we only work and recommend the best, and what you see before you are the cream of the crop!

Rachel O'connor , Flourix

Financial Advisor

Rachel is passionate about financial well-being and is determined to help others to achieve the bright and secure future they imagined. She has worked in financial services for over 10 years advising Sydney richest and most influential people. She has a bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from the University of Sydney (BComm), Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and a Chartered Accountant – Financial Planning Specialist (CA-FPS). Plus she is a mum, has great style and all around fabulous lady (we admit, we’re girl crushing already).

Location: Sydney and Australia wide

Marnie Maloney

Principal and Managing Director of Protected Life Solutions

Marnie has 14 years’ experience in the financial services industry, completing her Advanced Diploma of Financial Services in 2009 and began specialising in personal risk advice since 2011. Marnie has pursued her unique passion for improving the level of advice being given to consumers about how they can effectively manage risk through life insurance and estate planning. Marnie specialises in personal insurances including Income Protection, Critical Illness and Child Trauma, Life and Total & Permanent Disability cover. Marnie also provides advice for business related protection such as Business Expenses cover, Keyperson, and Partnership or Buy / Sell Insurance.

Location: Sydney and Australia wide