$39.00 AUD

Understanding Estate Planning Masterclass

Estate planning is all about making sure your assets go where you want them to after you’re gone, and ensuring your loved ones are taken care of. It’s not just about having a will; it includes everything from superannuation to setting up trusts and legal documents like powers of attorney.

In this session Lucy Percy - leading estate planner of Head and Heart Estate Planning - will break down:

1️⃣ Estate vs. Non-Estate Assets: We'll break down the difference between these two and show you how your superannuation fits in.
2️⃣ The Role of an Enduring Power of Attorney: Learn why this document is just as important as a will and how it can help you and your loved ones.
3️⃣ Testamentary Trusts Made Simple: From the basics to the benefits, discover what testamentary trusts are and who should consider them.
4️⃣ Getting Started: Find out how to begin your estate planning journey and why getting professional advice is key.