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How to Create a Successful CV (that lands you the job)!

During this one-hour online course you'll learn how to stand out in today's competitive job market with a killer CV/Resume that gets you the interview for the job of your dreams.

You'll learn: 

  • CV Evolution - How AI and Algorithms Can Make or Break Your Career (And How to Beat the CV Robots) 🤖:
    We're spilling the tea on how those sneaky algorithms work and how to outsmart 'em to land your dream job. 😎

    Soft Skills to Avoid in Your CV - How to Show, Not Tell 😇:
    Discover the art of flaunting your soft skills without sounding like a cheesy self-help book. 📚 We'll make sure you shine like a star! ✨

    Three Essential Items in Every Bullet Point 🎯:
    Learn the magic formula for crafting bullet points that'll make recruiters do a happy dance. 💃💼

    The Competencies You Must Include 🚀:
    Find out what competencies are hot in the job market and learn how to sprinkle them throughout your CV like confetti. 🎉

    Being 'Smart' - How to Sell Yourself Every Step of the Way 💡:
    From your professional summary to your career break activities, we'll teach you to strut your stuff with confidence. 💃

    Avoid the Formatting Fails That Guarantee CV Rejection 🙅‍♂️:
    Don't let a silly formatting error hold you back. We've got your back on making your CV ATS-friendly and gorgeous! 💻✨

    The Two Mistakes That 97% of Hirers Will Reject Your CV For 🙅‍♀️:
    Steer clear of these CV pitfalls because ain't nobody got time for rejection! We'll reveal the two game-changers. 😱

You'll have access for 12 months!