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We will show you how to save money, grow your wealth, and take control of your financial future (so you’ll be in a place financially where adding guacamole isn’t a big decision)!

If you need a little more accountability to stick to your long term goals
Are struggling to get out of the debt cycle
Stressed about not having enough for retirement
Want to invest but not sure where to start or worried you might lose it all 
If you worry about not having money to do the things you want in life or being able to provide for your kids
 You just want to live a financially free life (whatever that means to you)
Or simply just want to feel in control of your money then we are your CLUB!




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That's what she said:

Anna G, Melbourne

Class Pass Member

I could not be happier to have found Ladies Finance Club in 2021. It is exactly what I needed to continue to improve my financial literacy in a safe and inclusive environment with other women interested in improving their wealth and knowledge. Molly and the team do an excellent job at programming the content of webinars, courses, competitions and more. A membership is worth every dollar in value, I am constantly learning and improving my financial well-being with the help of LFC experts. Thank you for this great program.

Jo, 37, Canberra

Diamond Member

Thank you so much for all the information I have received over the last few months - I feel like I am finally on top of my finances again which is an amazing feeling. I have managed to save towards my emergency fund & your investment course gave me the confidence to take the plunge & invest in the stock market after years of watching from the side lines. So thank you again.

Kristy, 40, Sydney

Diamond Member

Joining LFC has been one of the best investment decisions I have made in the past year. I have developed confidence in investing my money for the future, no man needed.  So informative, so refreshing and so empowering. In the space of two months, I went from thinking about investing to actually doing it. ETFs are my new best friend. Before I joined LFC, I knew very little about ETFS, although I had heard the term bantered about. Unless you work in finance, have a financial advisor or have been fortunate to have someone else show you the ropes, chances are you have not heard about ETFs either. LFC gives you the confidence and education necessary to take control of your financial future.

Why join the Club

Like road trips, brunch and networking events, some things are better with friends! When you sign up for our membership and become a LFC member our goal is to help you fast-track your financial success, with a group of money-savvy ladies cheering you on! How? Glad you asked!

Monthly Money Masterclasses

With a leading Australian or International financial expert.

Quarterly 90-Day ACTION Plan For Your Money

To help you stick to your goals, celebrate your wins and help you stay on track).

LFC Financial Formula

To get you results fast and includes a one-on-one insurance review to ensure you have the right protection in place and our favourite tools and templates

30min Insurance Review

Our LFC insurance expert will review your sitch, look at your circumstances, what you need, or where you can save!

12 x Monthly Money Book Summaries

‚ÄėGet the gold‚Äô from all those finance books you know you should be reading ‚Äď but just don‚Äôt have the time too!

2x Hour With The Experts

Where you can ask question our experts? Whether it's tax, mortgage or family law related! Ask it LIVE.

Bi-Monthly Budgeting Sessions

To actually get your budget done and catch up on your finance admin! 

Access to our members-only Facebook and WhatsApp Group

To help answer your money questions and keep you accountable!

Quarterly Financial Updates

To keep you ahead of what the market is doing, prepared by our investing expert partners

Our best-selling investing course

To give you the confidence and know how to get started investing 

That's what
she said:


Everything you need to take your finance game to the next level and grow your wealth!


All the tools you need to take control of your financial future.



$197 p/m

Pay weekly $51 per week
(Minimum 3 months)

  • Quarterly 90-Day Plan For Your Money¬†to help you stick to your goals, celebrate your wins and help you stay on track)
  • Monthly Masterclass¬†with a financial expert to further your wealth
  • LFC Financial Formula¬†to get you results fast and includes a one on one insurance review to ensure you have the right protection in place and our favourite tools and templates
  • 2 x Hour with the Experts¬†to ask your personal questions to our leading Australia experts.
  • Bi-Monthly¬†"Get your Budget Done" sessions¬†
  • Quarterly Financial Update¬†of what the market is doing
  • Investing Course¬†to give you the confidence to get started investing ¬†(valued at $397)
  • Member-only Group challenges
  • Special members only on¬†courses and partner events
  • Partnered discounts, Events, member-only¬†Facebook Group¬†


$267 p/m

(Minimum 3 months)


  • Quarterly one-on-one with a money coach

  • ¬†Submit questions to a financial advisor or accountant and get an answer in 2 business days.






  • Get access to our monthly masterclass live and also the recording to watch in your own time.
  • Some member only challenges¬†

Women in Finance Awards 2021 Finalists in 2022 and 2023.

Recognised as the leading wellness program initiative of the year!

That's what she said:

Liv, 27, Sydney 

Class Pass Member

Becoming a member of Ladies Finance Club, was one of the best growth investments I've made ūüíĮ If you have goals to become more money savvy and take control of your financial future, I strongly suggest participating in the vast range of upcoming events and courses. Over the past few years, I've participated in sessions on Budgeting, ETFs, Property Investing, the Stock Market, Prepping for Performance Reviews, Crypto, Super, and Couples and Finance. All the important things we aren't taught in school or uni... There is something for everyone, no matter what stage you are at in your journey."

Ali, Sydney 

Diamond Member

I first heard about Ladies Finance Club after buying Girls Just Want To Have Funds (Molly's book) on a whim at the airport when I was killing time. I read it in a few days and was then ALL IN on financial literacy and empowering myself. I looked into the LFC options and chose the basic membership to test the waters. Six months in, and I can honestly say I have gotten SO MUCH from this investment in my future. Live sessions, discounts, ideas, and, most importantly - real, concrete actions in a supportive environment! Even as a full-time student, I've been able to sort out my budget, make self-contributions to super, and microinvest in shares. All while knowing that I will be ready to put some serious plans into action once I get back to full-time work! I cannot recommend Ladies Finance Club highly enough.

Em, 34, Perth

Diamond Member

Previously I was part of Barefoot’s premium financial membership club, however that shutdown in 2020, so I was looking for another finance group to join. I’d been to an event in Brisbane and had been following LFC for a little while and agreed with their ethos. So when the membership opened up, joining was just a natural step. The diamond masterclasses have been excellent, and I have enjoyed the side hustle sessions to. However the accountability sessions are the thing that have truely pushed me towards my goals.
Try out for a month, its very reasonable pricing and you can leave anytime. There is always so much happening at LFC that one month would be plenty of time to realise how great it is, and then you’ll be a member for life!