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Buyer's Agent at www.lornawang.com.au

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Buyer's Agent

I help women confidently build a scalable property portfolio through our award-winning analysis of data all whilst acting like a big sister on their investing journey.

Having gone from 1 investment property to 5 by the age of 30, Lorna's been able to accelerate her investing journey using a proven formula to scale a property portfolio and she wants to help you do the same. 

Property investing can be quite the rabbit hole when you start digging and it can get overwhelming with all the different strategies, jargon and risks involved. My aim is to help you navigate through all of that and partner with you to create a property portfolio that allows you to feel confident with your investing, financially secure, ultimately reaching your goals and giving you life options. 

Location: Australia-wide
Favourite drink: H2O, otherwise an amaretto sour if I'm feeling fancy.
Best life hack: Live within your means and avoid lifestyle creep for as long as you can.
Best piece of advice: Invest in yourself because you're the one who's in control of your life.

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More About Me


After only hearing about the good things going on with property I bought my first investment at the age of 22 🙌🏼 It was a huge milestone that I'd been working towards for many years but I was naive and uneducated 🤡 in this space which led to a massive missed opportunity 😣

Even though I'd bought a dud 👎🏼 as a novice investor I was able to turn it all around by getting professional help and this experience has ignited my passion ❤️‍🔥 to prevent others from making large financial commitments to an asset that doesn't produce the outcome they're hoping for 💸

I'm now a Buyer's Agent, partnering with InvestorKit (Buyers Agency of the Year 2023 and 2024 🏆) who is known for their industry leading property market insights and data-driven decision making in uncovering the top performing locations across the country.

As a Buyers Agent I represent the buyer in the real estate transaction providing full end-to-end service from;
- strategy creation ♟️ and portfolio mapping 📍
- discovering outperforming locations across the Australian property market 📊
- sourcing desirable properties both on and off market 🔎
- networking with real estate agents 📞
- negotiating at relevant stages of the buying process 🤝🏼
- ensuring a property is successfully settled and tenanted ✅
- all whilst helping my clients stay accountable to their long term investing goals 💪🏼

Looking forward to helping you kick your property investing goals! 🤗

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