Learn how to invest (without the confusing boring bits). High five to that! Sponsored by Vanguard Australia

About this Event

Have you always wanted to learn how to invest but never knew where to start? Or maybe you were scared about losing all your money? Confused by the jargon? … Or thought the stock market wasn’t for you? 

Then I’m so glad you have found us because over three weeks we are going to be breaking down those myths and turning you into investing buffs! 

With guidance from our investing expert (guru) Rachel White from Vanguard over three weeks you are going to learn:

Week 1 - The basic concepts of investing

Wednesday, 17 June 8pm-9pm

  • Principles for investing success – goals, balance, cost, discipline
  • Compound returns – and why they’re so magical
  • Risk and return – and why they go together like avocado and toast 
  • Asset classes – the main types
  • Diversification – why you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket
  • Plus more

Week 2 - How to actually invest

Wednesday, 24 June 8pm-9pm

  • What are Managed Funds?
  • What are ETFs?
  • We will show you how to purchase shares online 
  • A market update 
  • Plus more

Week 3 - The power of your money

Wednesday, 01 July 8pm-9pm

  • Ethical investing
  • Impact your money can have
  • Coming up with your investing strategy
  • Plus more!

Now, why is it important that you learn how to invest? Well ladies, we live longer than men (on average by about 5 years) and through our working lives earn less (there’s still a pay gap) plus a whole bunch of other reasons (family, part time work etc). In short, we need to harness the power of our hard work and incomes to make our money last longer.

Here at Ladies Finance Club we believe learning about investing doesn’t have to be confusing and complicated. In fact, it can be easy, fun, empowering and profitable when done right!

We want you to control life on your own terms, grow your wealth, feel confident about your money and plant the seeds for a more secure financial future (and yes, you can still buy shoes).

This webinar series will give you real-world practical information to help you understand and get started on your own investing journey… no matter what your salary and yes we will be touching on what COVID19 means for the investing world.

BYO – Comfy fluffy robe, a glass of vino (or cup of tea) and snacks… 

Ready to become an investing buff? #Boom yes you are!

About our Speakers

Rachel White



Rachel White is a Senior Product Strategy Manager at Vanguard Australia. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Melbourne and is a CFA Charterholder.

In her role, Rachel leads the team responsible for researching and developing new products and solutions for the Australian business. Rachel held a similar role in Vanguard’s U.K. business based in London for two years.

Prior to joining Vanguard in August, 2015, Rachel gained experience in the financial services industry holding product and strategy roles at organisations such as PM Capital Limited and National Australia Bank.

Rachel is dedicated to empowering more women to begin their investing journey and is also an advocate for ethical investing at Vanguard.

Molly Benjamin



Molly Benjamin was not very good with money. Although she had been working in the financial sectors for national and international companies for most of her career such as Barclays, the Financial Conduct Authority and the Bank of Queensland as a communications and events specialist. In fact, over a glass of prosecco with her gal pals she realised they were all a bit #clueless when it came to their personal finances. As an experiment, Molly put on an info-night in her living room. No big deal, just a few girls, some champagne and a money expert with real-world insights.

Things really took off from there and She’s on the Money UK was born in London in 2018. Since then She’s on the Money UK has had over 5000 women attend an event, webinar or workshop and has partnered with the likes of Financial Times and Rathbones Brothers.

They have run corporate workshops with global banks, law firms, fashion houses and technology startups. In 2019, she has launched Ladies Finance Club in Australia with the same mission to build a tribe of money savvy women. She’s passionate about empowering women to take control of their own finances so they have the freedom to live rich, exciting lives on their own terms.


LFC run events, webinars and courses with the best in finance to empower women to take control of their financial futures (without the boring bits).


With more than AUD $8.6 trillion in assets under management as of 31 March 2020, including more than AUD $1.6 trillion in ETFs, Vanguard is one of the world’s largest global investment management companies. In Australia, Vanguard has been serving financial advisers, retail clients and institutional investors for more than 20 years.

Thank you to our fabulous sponsors Vanguard.

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