ATTENTION: Aussie ladies struggling to get on top of their finances

Are you sick of living paycheck to paycheck and want to get on top of your finances once and for all?

We will show you how to save money and grow your wealth during our 6 week money bootcamp
(and yes you can still by the latte)!

Here’s A Preview Of What You’ll Walk Away With from the 6 Week Bootcamp…

Why You Think The Way You Do About Money

Explore and understand your relationship with money and make it work for you.

Take Control And Give Yourself A Financial Health Check

Learn how to manage your cash flow in minutes, take back control and build an emergency fund

Financial Freedom
Through Investing

Learn how to invest and grow your wealth from as little as $500

Feel Secure About
Your Future

Superannuation explained plus tips that will seriously super charge your retirement

Home And
A Loan

Strategies to get you on the property ladder and how to secure the best loan


How to protect yourself and your loved ones against the unexpected

Your coach

Betsy Westcott- Head Money Coach, Ladies Finance Club

Having advised some Australia’s most wealthy and influential individuals at both NAB & ANZ’s Private Banks, Betsy has continued to help hundreds of Australians to take control of their financial futures. Her superpower is being able to make the complex world of finance simple! She’s a fully qualified Financial Advisor and even helped launch a Digital Bank, Xinja, where she was the Director of Retail Banking and Investor Relations. Today she works for one of Australia’s largest banks and is Ladies Finance Club’s favourite Financial Wellness Coach.

Betsy is dedicated to improving the financial lives of women. She believes that the better the skills and knowledge we have about money, the better choices we make with our financial resources to live an independent, happy life. That’s why she has dedicated her career to helping people (like us) understand and utilise their money.

This 6 Week Bootcamp will help you to

Understand your underlying money behaviours and feeling towards your money

Set financial goals and break them into bite size achievable milestones

Learn the magic of compounding when it comes to investing and superannuation

Find out if your income is protected if you were unable to work

Learn why you are your biggest income asset

Learn proven strategies to get you out of debt once and for all

Figure out your personal money beliefs and emotions that are impacting your current financial reality, then transform them to create positive change

Build better money habits to help you manage and grow your wealth

Learn how to manage your paycheck whether you’re employed or self employed in minutes each week.

Learn how to manage your money without changing your lifestyle

Find out how to get on the property ladder faster


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8pm-9pm starting on 1 July 2020

If you want to make your wealth grow but don’t know where to even start with your money or perhaps you’re struggling with debt, then you’re exactly the right place. 

Ladies Finance Club has helped hundreds of Aussie get back on top of their money through simple, fun,  jargon free education.

Only 25 Spots Available

Only 25 Spots Available75%

Does This Sound Like You?

Career-wise, things are pretty good… you’ve got some fab stuff in your wardrobe and you’re all about brunch and international travel. But somewhere inside that little voice is starting to speak up about taking more control of your cash.

Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed or not sure where to start when it comes to taking control of your own finances?

Want to save but just find there is nothing left at the end of each month

Feeling like you never have anything to show for all your hard work

Struggling to pay off your credit card debt

Hoping to buy a house… one day

Curious about investing in property or shares

Picturing a laid-back retirement on a beach somewhere

Want to build an emergency fund

Just plain keen to save some cash

Then we want to help you! Sign up to our 6 Week Bootcamp today!


The LFC Guarantee

At Ladies Finance Club we are so confident in the work we do, within the first 21 days of working together, if you are unhappy with the Bootcamp or don’t think it’s to standard, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

That’s how confident we are about our content and teachings!  If for some strange reason you are unhappy or not satisfied with our service, simply let us know within 21 days and we’ll refund every cent of your investment – hassle free.

Your Investment

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$85per week for 6 weeks
  • 6 Live Online Sessions with our Money Coach
  • Includes all handouts
  • Includes a copy of each recording