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A well-crafted CV is the key to unlocking the door to your dream job!

In today's fiercely competitive job market, your CV is your first impression on potential employers. It's not merely a document but your personal marketing tool that showcases your skills, experiences, and accomplishments. A good CV not only captures the interest of hiring managers but also navigates the ever-evolving world of applicant tracking systems and algorithms, ensuring your profile stands out from the digital crowd. It's the difference between catching the eye and fading into the digital void. Your CV has the power to open doors, secure interviews, and ultimately land you the job opportunity you've been striving for. So, investing time and effort into creating an exceptional CV is an investment in your future career success. Ready to take the next step? Join our Masterclass to learn how to nail your CV and supercharge your job search!" πŸš€πŸ“„πŸ’ΌπŸ”‘


Meet Victoria!

Founder and CEO, City CV

Victoria spent her earlier career in global recruitment before joining Goldman Sachs and then Merrill Lynch, where she delivered insights that transformed recruitment strategy and influenced multinational resource allocation.Β 

In 2009 she founded City CV to bridge a market gap for top-quality CV and profile writing. Since then Victoria has grown City CV into an international client-focused business that empowers job seekers and helps companies to protect their most important resource – their people.

Today, Victoria and every member of the City CV team share a common goal – to change lives. Under Victoria’s leadership, City CV’s team of writers and executive coaches transform careers and guide businesses on how best to inspire, raise brand awareness, take care of the people they let go and optimise employee engagement.

Victoria is CEO of City CV and of Hanover Talent Solutions. She is on the board of the Hanover Group, a Corporate Board Member at Rainbow Trust, and Board Advisor to the BACVW. Professional memberships include the Institute of Directors, ChairX, Career Directors International, and the Professional Association of Resume Writers.
During this hour masterclass you'll learn how to stands out in today's competitive job market with a killer CV/Resume that gets you the interview for the job of your dreams.

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You walk away knowing:

1. CV Evolution - How AI and Algorithms Can Make or Break Your Career (And How to Beat the CV Robots) πŸ€–: We'll spill the tea on how those sneaky algorithms work and, most importantly, how to outsmart them to land your dream job. 😎

2. Soft Skills to Avoid in Your CV - How to Show, Not Tell πŸ˜‡: Discover the art of flaunting your soft skills without sounding like a cheesy self-help book. πŸ“š We'll make sure you shine like a star! ✨

3. Three Essential Items in Every Bullet Point 🎯: Learn the magic formula for crafting bullet points that'll make recruiters do a happy dance. πŸ’ƒπŸ’Ό

4. The Competencies You Must Include πŸš€: Find out what competencies are hot in the job market and learn how to sprinkle them throughout your CV like confetti. πŸŽ‰

5. Being 'Smart' - How to Sell Yourself Every Step of the Way πŸ’‘: From your professional summary to your career break activities, we'll teach you to strut your stuff with confidence. πŸ’ƒ

6. Avoid the Formatting Fails That Guarantee CV Rejection πŸ™…β€β™‚οΈ: Don't let a silly formatting error hold you back. We've got your back on making your CV ATS-friendly and gorgeous! πŸ’»βœ¨

7. The Two Mistakes That 97% of Hirers Will Reject Your CV For πŸ™…β€β™€οΈ: Steer clear of these CV pitfalls because ain't nobody got time for rejection! We'll reveal the two game-changers. 😱

Ready to take your CV from "meh" to "wow" and secure the job you've always dreamed of? πŸš€ Join our Masterclass and become a CV pro in just one hour.

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At the Ladies Finance Club,Β we're committed to helping you fine-tune your CV so you can land the job interview of your dreams and boost your earning potential.

Anna G, Sydney

I could not be happier to have found Ladies Finance Club in 2021. It is exactly what I needed to continue to improve my financial literacy in a safe and inclusive environment with other women interested in improving their wealth and knowledge. Molly and the team do an excellent job at programming the content of webinars, courses, competitions and more. A membership is worth every dollar in value, I am constantly learning and improving my financial well-being with the help of LFC experts. Thank you for this great program.

Mel, 39, Melbourne 

Pink Member

Being a member with Ladies Finance Club has been a financial life changing experience. I have really valued being part of the supportive and like minded community which is full of intelligent woman who are always willing to help and answer any questions about all things money. I started this year in 50K of debt with no investment and I am proud to say that my debt is down to almost nothing and I have started on the investment journey with $2K in shares. Baby steps but I am excited to keep growing my portfolio! As a member, I have access to a range of masterclasses and events that are relevant to modern women and I always learn something new! If you are a woman looking for another way to learn and develop your finance knowledge and confidence, I would highly recommend joining the Pink or Diamond membership. You wont regret it!

Em, 34, Perth

Diamond Member

Previously I was part of Barefoot’s premium financial membership club, however that shut down in 2020, so I was looking for another finance group to join. I’d been to an event in Brisbane and had been following LFC for a little while and agreed with their ethos. So when the membership opened up, joining was just a natural step. The diamond masterclasses have been excellent, and I have enjoyed the side hustle sessions to. However the accountability sessions are the thing that have truely pushed me towards my goals.
Try out for a month, its very reasonable pricing and you can leave anytime. There is always so much happening at LFC that one month would be plenty of time to realise how great it is, and then you’ll be a member for life!

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